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Words cannot describe how I feel at the moment…


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At last, I am able to get my hand on the package of CHANGE UR WORLD CDs that I have been long awaiting for!  WHEE~

Not only that…

I also received a LOAD of presents from my friends for my past birthday and Christmas as well!

A lovely brown velvety pillow!

Finally, friends that knows me well enough to get me a pillow on my birthday!  I’m so happy!!!!!

And a cute little tote bag! ❤

Rubber stamps and bunny stickers!!!!!


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Limited Edition

First Press Edition

Regular Edition

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First thing I did after I came back to my room after 3 months of internship?  Check the drawers.  And I am not disappointed!  This has got to be the most awesome packaging of all.  The covers and the CDs themselves are so pretty!!!


This has got to be one of my favourite KAT-TUN songs of all time…  It’s been my phone ring tone since the first time I heard it…  ❤

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I’M A 「-」!

I just finished watching the 1st and 2nd disc of KAT-TUN’s No More Pain World Tour 2010 DVD and in the end Koki said this :

Will you always be HYPHENs?
Then, I will always be in KAT-TUN.

OMG, he’s SO sweet!!!!

I’ll always stay as a HYPHEN Koki!!!!

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Shh… It’s A Secret!

Ahahaha…  Another trip to Kinokuniya and this is what I bought!

A book to brush up on my Japanese AND…

Just because the boys looked so absolutely deliciously hot in this mag, I could not help myself…  =D


Oh, and I bought this a few months back too…  Because it has a lot of cool ways to wrap presents…  I even tried out a few.

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