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While I try to organise the pictures of stuff I bought over the holidays, here are the things I made in the order that I make them :

Firstly, this is a card designed for a friend.  The penguin is the exact replica of her dearly beloved soft toy, Penguin.  Although I am not so found of that stuffed bird, this is a card that can only be made for her, so yeah…

Next, I made Kaibutsu-kun!  Because I am totally head over heels for Ohno Satoshi, Arashi’s leader.  And because I wanted to try something new.  A feltie!


Another project I have been wanting to do for some months now, a cute case for my felt scissors.

And lastly, another soft toy imitation for a dear friend.  (The same one as above)  XD  But one thing different this time was, I actually liked this soft toy.  Hehe…


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These have arrived!!!  Absolutely drool worthy pictures of Kurono-kun and Kato-kun with the X-guns…

Today is a happy day.

I will stare at these until Perfect Answer screens in September!

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I loved the anime when I watched it.  The awesome clothes and super hot and eccentric George!  I can’t wait for the movie!!!  I hope it comes to Malaysia!  *fingers crossed*

Not to mention the great casting of Mukai Osamu as George and Kitagawa Keiko as Yukari.  <333  He’s one of the few actors I really really like…  So absolutely handsome!  And his voice!  *swoons*  Just the right person to play George!!!  I really like Kitagawa Keiko too.  Although I’ve only watched Buzzer Beat, but I really like her.  XD

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