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This is gonna be put at my booth at the UTAR Flea Market…


And guess who happened to be caught in the picture!?  Hehehe…



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This is a graduation card that I was commissioned to make.  Had to rush the work but at least it came out decent…

Another commissioned for Sotong.  Seems blue works for hippo as well.  =D

An order Oyster made.  I found the perfect ribbon to suit it.

I got the idea from Oyster’s order to make some simple hearts.  Girls might like it…  Perhaps?

And cupcakes!  I love the colours…  *hearts*


The flea market is in 3 days time…  I’m all nerves now…

*fingers crossed for the day*

Hope it goes well…

Here goes nothing!!!



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Since I have some frequent shopper points left, plus, they had discount on these 2 items, I’ve decided to get them.

Dear Snow RE

And the best bargain of the day, 50% off the Saigo no Yakusoku LE version!

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Aitakute zutto furetakute motto

Kimi no yokogao kireina yubisaki

Naze toozakatte yuku no

Hitomi tojitemo mimi fusaidemo

Hanikamu egao atatakana kioku

Ima mo wasurerarenai yo

Ai dake wo sotto oshiete

Nee doushite sayonara na no

Kotoba mo naku nagareru toki

Mune ga harisakesou

Ai dake wo sotto ataete

Nee doushite kiete yuku no

Suterarenai ano hibi

Kotae mo nai mama

Tomedonai kono itoshisa

Oto mo naku afuredasu yo

Kimi dake wo motto motomete

Kimi dake wo machitsuzukeru

Harukana sora miageta nara

Nakitaku naru kedo

Maebure mo aizu mo naku

Wakare no toki mukaetemo

Kotoba mo naku dakishimetai

Daisukina hito ni okuru ai wo

Hitomi tojitemo mimi fusaidemo

Hanikamu egao atatakana kioku

Kitto wasurerarenai yo

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My BW stash has arrived!!!  I was so excited when I woke up from my nap to an sms requesting me to pick up my parcel from the main office.  So off I went on that bicycle of mine that badly needed repair along with my laundry…  It was a miracle that I’m even thinking of sending my laundry when all I wanted was to tear the parcel open right there and then.  But I had learn that doing that in public would be really bad for my image so once I picked it up I went straight home.  The amount of squealing and jumping I did back in my room is really too embarrassing to describe.  And so, some pictures!!!  I really need to start digging out that digital camera of mine when I get back home.  My phone is getting old and the pictures are not as good anymore…

Here’s the list of items :

Beautiful World Tour Pamphlet.

Gotta add in some photos from inside.  The photoshoot looks like so much fun.  XD

And because I really really love this shoot of Nino-kun, he gets special treatment!

Nippon no Arashi.

My very own copy!!!

Oh-chan looking so cute…

I like!

And Aiba-chan deserves some special treatment too because I just finished watching My Girl and I love his smile!!!

The Waku Waku Event Clearfile.

The school logo with the white background is really pretty.  =)

And here’s the small print at the back of the clearfile.

Group Mini Uchiwa.

Arashi Charity Charm.

Proceeds goes to the Tohoku Earthquake Relief efforts.

Oh-chan’s photoset!

He really is the cutest 30-year-old alive!

Though I’d really love to see him perform Hung Up On live.

Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD to be out…

Group photoset!

I’m so glad I got this.  They all look so absolutely dashing for this year’s shoots.

And the T-Shirt!!!  ❤

This is only the small print behind the t-shirt.  It has sparkles on it.  But the front that says SMILE IN THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD is printed in white.

And all these I received from dear Agnes, my one stop Arashi supplier.

She packaged everything properly and all of the goods came in excellent condition.  Definitely will buy from her again in the future!  ❤

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30 Days of Tamora Pierce

Gotta reread them books then I’ll do this…  But I’m gonna post the list up first…
  • Day 01: Tortall vs Emelan : Tortall!!!
  • Day 02: Favorite female character : Daine Sarrasri
  • Day 03: Favorite male character : Nealan of Queenscove
  • Day 04: Favorite animal character : Faithful
  • Day 05: Least favorite character : 
  • Day 06: Favorite series : 
  • Day 07: Least favorite series : 
  • Day 08: Mithros, Mynoss, and Shakith! Who’s your favorite god/goddess? : 
  • Day 09: Favorite book
  • Day 10: Least favorite book
  • Day 11: For the Circle fans: What kind of ambient magic would you have? For the Tortall fans: What color would your Gift be? (Answer both if you want.)
  • Day 12: Favorite passage 
  • Day 13: The part that made you want to throw the book at the wall
  • Day 14: Favorite romantic relationship
  • Day 15: Least favorite relationship
  • Day 16: The relationship you wished had happened
  • Day 17: Favorite non-romantic relationship
  • Day 18: Favorite non-Tamora Pierce book
  • Day 19: A minor character you wish got more time to shine
  • Day 20: Favorite enemy
  • Day 21: Least favorite enemy
  • Day 22: Best WTF moment
  • Day 23: Saddest character death
  • Day 24: Favorite Immortal
  • Day 25: Least favorite Immortal
  • Day 26: Favorite non-Tortall country/ Favorite non-Emelan country
  • Day 27: Pet (immortal or mammal) you wish was yours
  • Day 28: Song that reminds you of a Tamora Pierce book and/or specific passage
  • Day 29: The character you wish was your BFF
  • Day 30: Your perfect cast for your favorite book/series/world

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It’s been some time since I’ve listened to KAT-TUN’s Real Face.  I was watching their performance at Music Lovers and it just hit me.  It was the first song I heard from KAT-TUN and it’s very dear…  It was a song I listened to when I just wanna release some pent up steam.


I probably just wanna say this out somewhere but, oh my, Kame’s cocky look when he walked onto the stage was hot!  XD  That eyeball-rolling look is just priceless!

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