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Day 13

Today is a day that Bunny feels exeptionally tired.  But there’s only 2 more days to go.  She can’t give up!  Not now!

This is how Bunny looked like when trying to memorise the steps in the least-squares fit method…

Bunny has been snacking on bread the entire day.  The brain sure uses a a lot of energy when studying…


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Day 12

Bunny found a secret stash of tea in her room!!!  Oh, this surely is bliss…

Looking at the flower petals floating on top of her cup is making Bunny slow at doing her revision.  she just feels like lazing about ne…

Bambino!  Bunny caught a glimpse of MatsuJun at the exact spot depicted on the postcard that Mousey sent her and her tension shot up like an arrow!  XD



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Day 11

Bunny started her day by brewing a Cure for Boils potion on Pottermore…  Need to catch up with the Ravenclaws and Slytherins on House Points!

Then, because it is Arashi’s 12 Years Anniversary today, Bunny has been listening to 5×10 while doing her work.

This is Bunny’s last packet of tea in Kampar…  4 more days to survive without tea…  This is going to be torture…

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Day 10

Spectro. Spectro. Spectro. Bunny is starting to hate the subject… Dame! That cannot happen! Repeat this instead. Bunny loves Spectro. Bunny loves Spectro. Bunny loves Spectro… zzz…

Bunny is nearly brain dead and her biological clock is all messed up again but it’s okay! She looks at the small note that Bumble Bee made for her and gains strength to carry on!

Bunny letting Ryusei no Kizuna runs on her laptop while studying. Nino is as cute as always! Kakkoi!


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Day 9

Bunny feels so trapped… Like the four walls are closing in on her and there is no way out of this predicament anytime soon…

Reading Brisingr makes Bunny impatient for the 8th of November! Would Galbatorix be slayed? What would happen to Arya and Eragon? What of Murtagh and Thorn? How about the fate of Alagaesia? So many questions to be answered in the finale!

Bunny also worked on some of her project for a bit… Her head still feels heavy from sleeping the entire afternoon off… Need. Fresh. Air.

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Day 8

There’s gonna be potatoes for dinner tonight!  Bunny’s Miffy likes the colours yellow and orange!

Then there’s long beans and broccoli.  Bunny likes her greens! =D

Today, there’s gonna be 3 pictures only…  Bunny is in a slump and she’s feeling extremely stressed out…  She has a bad feeling about tomorrow…  T.T


I am seriously stressed out today.  I can’t study at all.  Nothing’s going in.  I’m gonna fail tomorrow’s paper.  Zettai…  Yabaisu ne… *sobs*

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Day 7

Bunny got back her Brisingr book from Kylie today! WHEE~ She will have to reread this again before Inheritance comes out on November 8th!

Another day of Polymer revision for Bunny… This is getting frustrating…

Bunny dreams of joining Ponyo on her adventure instead of memorising those notes of hers…

And, Bunny takes a break…  Although she can’t catch NatsuNiji on 8tv today, she watches it on her laptop!

Bunny’s eyes has been itchy the whole day…  They need more rest!

And this is where Bunny’s Miffy is kept.  In a little bag along with Frankie.  =)

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