My Favourite Words


You are my soul soul. Because you make me strong.
Tears are our energy for tomorrow.
Face the future and break through it intensely.

Sunrise Nippon :

Sunrise Japan, I will laugh even when I’m wiping my tears with both hands.

Horizon :

HORIZON Ride on tomorrow will come.
Make the decision that the future will be awesome.

Typhoon Generation :

I met you, I loved you, it will stay with me forever.

Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi :

Smile again, thank you.
Smile again, in tears.
We were born.
Maybe the trials in life will make us stronger

Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru :

I’ll work hard! There’s no shortcut.
Today is here for tomorrow.
I’ll do my best! I’ll reach out my hand.
You are here for me.

Jidai :

Now, my feelings are unshakable.
Changing and climbing to a wonderful future.

A Day In Our Life :

Your tears, your smile, your everything.
I always want that feeling where I’m holding your hand and I’m by your side .

Nice na Kokoroiki :

I have a nice feeling for tomorrow.
Just by having a cute feeling, it will be okay.
Even though you’re not cool and lucky,
just don’t hold back and it will be okay.

Pikanchi :

Even if we are lost,
it’s better to look forward.

Tomadoinagara :

Even though I’m not a special person,
I have freedom in my hands.
Let’s fly higher than anyone.
To get to the place we can’t see yet.

Hadashi no Mirai :

Be happy even if there’s no reason.
These feelings are not lying.
Pump up your tired heart and keep it running.

Kotoba Yori Taisetsu no Mono :

Throw your dream in the far away sky and wipe your tears.
Instead of those words, your heart has the answer.

Pikanchi Double :

The dreams that were supposed to be over are pushing our backs.
The engraved memories start to make noise.
Holding the limited love and time in both of my hands.
At least for today, please don’t disappear.

Hitomi no Naka Galaxy :

If you are ever lost somewhere in this galaxy,
Wherever it is, I’ll search for that small light of yours.
Then I will become a constellation and stay by your side.
Forever and ever,
I want to gaze into your galaxy eyes.

Hero :

There are moments you want to give up,
It’s the same for everyone.
Without giving up, step by step, let’s go.

Sakura Sake :

Cherry blossoms blooms in my heart.
Those dreams without names have sprouted,
I won’t look back because tomorrow isn’t behind me.

Wish :

As a love song begins to drift through the town.
People smile at each other.
When the bells ring out, I’ll surely be holding you tight

Kitto Daijoubu :

It’s all right to take a detour sometimes!
There’s no need to worry about that!
It’s okay to just relax!
Let’s sing it again!

Aozora Pedal :

A page with so many colors will probably never be white again.
But that’s okay, let’s paint tomorrow with a brand-new color.

Love So Sweet :

Believing is everything.
The sun will always rise.
Believing is everything.
Love so sweet.

We Can Make It! :

With as much as I have yeah, the strength will become wings yeah.
I’ll overcome the loneliness yeah, and plunge forward into tomorrow.

Happiness :

Start running, start running, let’s go and welcome tomorrow.

Step And Go :

A precious wish overflowing with flashes of light.
The radiance in my hands will never fade away.
Collecting the gentle flashes of light, I’ll make my time.
And walk on forever.

One Love :

I swear to you this love even in a one hundred years time, you are my everything.
I love you, I just love you, I will promise you the same tomorrow.
You’re the only one in this world and I choose you.
If you are here, the future will be bright no matter what.

Truth :

As with the rain, love will surely fall incessantly.

Kaze no Mukou E :

Beyond the rain.
Now, beyond the wind.
The journey continues.
Now let’s go beyond it.

Beautiful Days :

I’ll sing towards the sky.
Yes, I’ll sing as far as my voice will go.
It’s strange, isn’t it? I’m not alone.

Believe :

I’ll always hold it in my heart.
This dream that’s bound to come true.
I’ll keep moving forward, crying and laughing along the way.

Ashita no Kioku :

Even if the hurtful, broken yesterday was my fault.
It is not too late, no matter how many times I have to start over from the beginning.

Crazy Moon ~Kimi wa Muteki~ :

Is my impatient heart being tested?
I can’t even see the point in bargaining anymore.
But I don’t care, I just want to be with you.

Everything :

The signal that changes from red to blue.
In the midst of a journey with no return.
I want to go forward believing in tomorrow.

My Girl :

Since I can’t help missing you so much.
I’ll definitely think of you again today, won’t I?

Troublemaker :

Are you ready? It’s not something merely in consideration.
This chance which comes once in a lifetime.
Do it, do it when you can get a grasp of it.
Keep running and shake it now! Shake it now!

Monster :

Even if all of my memories disappear.
If I’m reborn, I’ll search for you again.

To Be Free :

We started running even though we were thirsty.
Because we realized we wouldn’t let our hearts be deceived.
Without enhancing anything, just as we are, to be free.

Love Rainbow :

I’m not saying that we need to go and find eternity (together).
It’s just that for tomorrow, and long after that, I just want to be with you.

Dear Snow :

If you wished for it, I would offer myself to you.
The sadness that falls, entrust it all to me.

Hatenai Sora :

Now I can definitely hear that voice saying,
“There is an endless sky out there.”
Shall I change myself who cannot fly?
Step out and no matter how many times it takes.
Keep trying, with strength.

Lotus :

Even if we are covered by sorrow, we will be led to happiness,
I’m living in the present as I walk with you.

Meikyu Love Song :

For example, even if someone leads you into a labyrinth and you get lost.
I’ll definitely grab onto that hand and pull strongly.

Wild At Heart :

Like we’re tumbling through this life that only happens once.
Let’s go on laughing, crying, and living, baby.


I am a very greedy person indeed!!!

We, me and my mom, originally bought this bottle for my dad who needs an additional bottle for his badminton games.

I kept saying that this bottle is so cute that my dad gallantly offered to let me have it instead.

Hehe… Thank you papa!


I’ve been on a roll lately…

Been watching Aiba Masaki’s My Girl drama, AGAIN.

So I thought of making a ladybird pouch…

Needed New Clothes

My leather camera pouch is completely destroyed by the environment and my poor camera needed a new change of clothes.

So I went to my stock of felt and decided on a colour to make a new pouch for it.

Red caught my eye, but a simple pouch is just too…simple…

What comes to mind when I think of red then?

Sorry Sho, it’s not you though red is your colour.

The first thought I had was Mario.

So I started drawing out a Mario design!

This is what happened…

Red on red would not look nice so I made a white circle for the Mario head just like it’s logo.

And this is how the finished product look like!


My aunt came by to visit me lately and gave me an organiser from Public Bank.

I am in desperate need of an organiser but I am not very partial to the cover of the book.
So I thought I’d make a cover to conceal it.

I like neutral colours so I picked brown.
It also does not get too dirty easily.

The side stitches I used blue thread.

Inside I made a big pocket to keep other notes and cards, etc…

It’s just right for my bunny heart bookmark too.
Maybe I should exchange it for a fish bookmark, just like that brooch Oh-chan had for his fashion coordination during the first Mannequin 5 SP.

At the inside back of the cover, I made two small pockets.

Here’s how the finished product looks like on the outside.
I made 5 Arashi pins from their costume during the Scene 10-11 tour as decoration.
It’s amazing how everything that I do lately is Arashi related.
And I’m definitely not embarrassed to flaunt this organiser of mine nao!

My Bias <3

Magazines I’ve collected so far…

And those I’ve added into my collection.

Oh-chan looks so cute!!!


It’s finished! =D  Making Arashi related craft sure is fun!