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Reading Marisa’s blog entry made me wonder when I first started liking J-Pop, or Johnny’s in particular.

Allow me to arrange the events in chronological order.

  • 2005 : KimuTaku’s Pride was on tv and I fell in love with his character from the drama.  And that smirk of his…  ❤
  • 2007 : I watched Music Station Super Live 2006 and was addicted to KAT-TUN’s Real Face and TOKIO’s Sorafune.
  • 2007 : Then I started reading Hanadan and my friend made me listen to Arashi’s Wish but I did not know about MatsuJun acting in Hanadan.  It was much later when I watched Hanadan that I realised Wish was the theme song of the drama…

Up until this part, I have totally no idea who these people are.  I just thought that KimuTaku was a real good actor (plus he’s good looking), and that those 3 songs I mentioned were kinda cool.  I was just an avid anime fan until I watched the YamaNade anime and found out about the drama.

  • 2010 : It was when I watched YamaNade that I rediscovered KAT-TUN.  Then I started my j-dorama downloading spree.
  • 2010 : And from there on I found Arashi.  =D  Though I was only completely obsessed with them around February 2011 and when GANTZ started screening in Malaysia…  I was Nino-baited because he looks so hot in the GANTZ suit.  XD  I even went to watch the movie alone during my study break when I’m supposed to be studying…!
  • 2011 : And now, I am a proud Arashian fangirl who’s bias (after I got to know the 5 better) is Ohno Satoshi! <3<3<3  But I love all 5 of them.  Because without them, there would be no rainbow and sparkles and happiness in my life.  =D

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Bought this today as my own birthday pressie to myself!  My first storybook in Japanese.  =D  I love Ghibli films and this book is exactly what I need to use to brush up on some reading.  WHEE~

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Oh dear…  The guys from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan are absolutely drool-worthy…  I am in fact giggling myself silly just by looking at the OP and ED vids below.


Lyrics and translations to the OP [Izayoi Namida by Aika Yoshioka] and ED [Kimi no Kioku by Mao] songs can be found here.

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I’m trying to get my hands on as many Hayao Miyazaki films as possible because Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi is just totally and absolutely awesome…!  I can spend hours just listening to the OSTs… 

My Neighbour Totoro OST by Joe Hisaishi.

01 : Stroll

02 : The Village In May

03 : A Haunted House!

04 : Mei And The Traveling Soot

06 : Not Scared

07 : Let’s Go To The Hospital

08 : Mother

09 : A Little Monster

10 : Totoro

11 : A Huge Tree In The Tukamori Forest

12 : A Lost child

13 : The Path of Wind

14 : Drenched Monster

15 : Moonlight Flight

16 : Mei Is Missing

17 : Catbus

18 : I’m So Glad

19 : My Neighbour Totoro

20 : Stroll (Live)

Lyrics and translations of the songs can be found here.  Also here.

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Been watching Kyou Kara Maou again.  I love this episode about the two brothers who are always fighting.  Well, I guess its normal between siblings but then again, I’m an only child, what would I know about having siblings?  Shori, the overprotective older brother always treats Yuuri like a kid although Yuuri kept claiming that he is an adult now.  But then again, it is not about being adults or kids, the bond between brothers will always be there as Shori said Yuuri is still his younger brother no matter what.  I sure wish I have an older brother…  An impossible wish…

Another thing about this episode is the insert song Taisetsu Na Mono (The Important Thing) by Yoshida Jungo.  I love the song so much!

Taisetsu Na Mono (The Important Thing) by Yoshida Jungo

kiga tsukeba hora
yorokobi mo wakeagaru
muri shinakuteiin da
ima boku wa hitori ja nai kara

Feeling the place’s mood, look
Enjoyment makes an uproar
It’s impossible not to worry, but
Right now, I’m not alone

sukoshi zutsu kawaridashita
shinjiaeru kizuna ni mukatte

Little by little,
I change, towards believing in this bond

kujikesou ni naru hi wo kimi aite
furueru te wo chikara ni kaerun da
atari mae no jikan wo ichibyottemo
kimi to koe de ikitai

In times of pain, you are my companion
Your shaking hand has its own weird power
Even if an ordinary time happens once
I want to go with your voice

ki ga tsukeba mada shagami komu furukizu ni
hou ni kumare sou ni
narutoki wa kimi wo omou yo

Feeling the place’s mood,
It still squats at the unpleasant past
Inside a lonely group,
As much as time could give, I think of seeing you

sukoshi dake suzumeta ka na
yurushi aeru tsuyosa ni mukatte

Little by little,
I move forward, strongly towards forgiving

kujikesou ni naru hi mo kimi aite
mori koe you sunao ni omoun da
arikitari na koto shika dekinai kedo
itsumo sasae aitai

In times of pain, you are my companion
Helping properly and honestly is predominant
You can’t put a price on ordinary things, but
I will always support you

shimai konda kibou wo yume haishi wo
subete ga kimi to deatte
sukoshi zutsu kagaya kusega ii

Being siblings of crowded heartbeats is like a dream’s discontinuation
Everything happened when I met you
Little by little being with somebody with a habit of adding joy is fine

kimi ga iireba nandomo tachi agarou
furueru te mo chikara ni kawarun da
atari mae no jikan wo ichibyottemo
kimi to tomo ni

You often enter, reaching enough to rise
Your shaking hand has its own weird power
Even if an ordinary time happens once
Me and my friend

kujikesou ni naru hi mo kimi ga ite
norikoe you kata ou tataku kimi nii
arikitari na koto shika ienai kedo
itsumo todoke arigatou

In times of pain, you are my companion
To surmount a king’s way of doing properly, you need to beat 2nd place
You can’t put a price on ordinary things, but
I’m forever thankful

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