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Reading Marisa’s blog entry made me wonder when I first started liking J-Pop, or Johnny’s in particular.

Allow me to arrange the events in chronological order.

  • 2005 : KimuTaku’s Pride was on tv and I fell in love with his character from the drama.  And that smirk of his…  ❤
  • 2007 : I watched Music Station Super Live 2006 and was addicted to KAT-TUN’s Real Face and TOKIO’s Sorafune.
  • 2007 : Then I started reading Hanadan and my friend made me listen to Arashi’s Wish but I did not know about MatsuJun acting in Hanadan.  It was much later when I watched Hanadan that I realised Wish was the theme song of the drama…

Up until this part, I have totally no idea who these people are.  I just thought that KimuTaku was a real good actor (plus he’s good looking), and that those 3 songs I mentioned were kinda cool.  I was just an avid anime fan until I watched the YamaNade anime and found out about the drama.

  • 2010 : It was when I watched YamaNade that I rediscovered KAT-TUN.  Then I started my j-dorama downloading spree.
  • 2010 : And from there on I found Arashi.  =D  Though I was only completely obsessed with them around February 2011 and when GANTZ started screening in Malaysia…  I was Nino-baited because he looks so hot in the GANTZ suit.  XD  I even went to watch the movie alone during my study break when I’m supposed to be studying…!
  • 2011 : And now, I am a proud Arashian fangirl who’s bias (after I got to know the 5 better) is Ohno Satoshi! <3<3<3  But I love all 5 of them.  Because without them, there would be no rainbow and sparkles and happiness in my life.  =D

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Why Only In The US? T.T

Jin’s “Yellow Gold Tour 3010” is announced!  Tickets will be on sale October 8. (Just one day before my birthday!  Too bad US is so far away…  Come to Malaysia too!!!!!  >.<  I think this has a very small chance of happening though…)  There will also be a single released next month as well, says the official page…  WHEE!  News from him at last!

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