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Although I walked burdened with 13+4 books in a paper bag for the entire day…

Although my hands are feeling extremely cold now due to the need of better blood circulation…

Although I am super tired and I need to get back to doing revision for my finals tomorrow morning…


I met Kaoru today!  After being her fan for almost 7 years, I finally met her in person and I even got her autograph as well as some sketches on my books!  Its definitely worth it!  After all, without pain, there’s no gain!  Also, I got Keith’s and Neko’s autographs too!  Neko’s drawings are so cute.  Might start stalking her work now.  XD  These 3 artists are so awesome!  They drew so fast and still it looks so good!!!!!

Here’s Helios and Mineko from Helios Eclipse…  I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!

Wing from Kaoru’s Cake House…

Bennett from Maid Maiden…

And Alivia, also from Maid Maiden.

Maid Maiden Tuesday finally came out and I got my own copy today!  This one has a sketching of Bennett by Kaoru!  I am in paradise!


I bought myself Kaoru’s Art Book Sugar Addict too after deliberating for so long!

There are so many illustrations in it…  And they are all so pweetie!



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Dengeki Girl’s Style May 2010 :

This includes a small booklet about a new Hakuouki game, Hakuouki Reimeiroku, as well as a promotional set of clear plastic bookmarks of the characters!


Animedia May 2010 :

Includes a promotional clear file and an anime music sheet booklet!!!


I am currently terribly broke but EXTREMELY ecstatic!  *squeals*

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