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It’s been some time since I’ve listened to KAT-TUN’s Real Face.  I was watching their performance at Music Lovers and it just hit me.  It was the first song I heard from KAT-TUN and it’s very dear…  It was a song I listened to when I just wanna release some pent up steam.


I probably just wanna say this out somewhere but, oh my, Kame’s cocky look when he walked onto the stage was hot!  XD  That eyeball-rolling look is just priceless!


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I was feeling super low emotionally today so I thought I’d watch some old dramas to cheer myself up.  Picked 1 Pound no Fukuin.  Kame is so funny as Kousaku.  XD I also watched some videos of SMAP singing and I really do think that when Kame sings, his style is exactly like Kimura Takuya, his sempai!  Coolies…

Had a craving for something cold to drink but I could not finish the entire can of Coke so I poured the rest into my BROS Owl bottle.  With the dark liquid background, the bottle design stood out!  It looks so prettie!  ❤

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