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My BROS Bottles <3

I used to have this small 250ml bottle that’s small enough to not be a burden for my poor back when I carry it out with me.  (Yes I admit that does make me sound old somehow)  But my friends deem it not enough for my daily consumption at home.  So on their quest to make me consume more H2O at home, they made me get a bigger bottle.


And behold, my new bottle!  I saw it and it was love at first sight!  I love food with faces and the words いただきます sealed the deal.  I mean how cute can a bottle get!?

I just went through their website and I found out a few new additions to their collection!  But it seems like one of their designs that I used to like is not there anymore!  The cute little bottle with sakura designs…  I wonder why…  >.<

But designs like Dreamland, Parisian, My Collection and Tea For Two is really cute!  These bottles really make drinking water looks fashionable.  XD

They even have some Special Edition bottle meant  for charity.  I wonder if they will design one for the Japanese quake relief…

Among all my GANTZ related items expenditure, I hope I’ll still have some cash left to spend on these bottles!   =D


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