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Reading Marisa’s blog entry made me wonder when I first started liking J-Pop, or Johnny’s in particular.

Allow me to arrange the events in chronological order.

  • 2005 : KimuTaku’s Pride was on tv and I fell in love with his character from the drama.  And that smirk of his…  ❤
  • 2007 : I watched Music Station Super Live 2006 and was addicted to KAT-TUN’s Real Face and TOKIO’s Sorafune.
  • 2007 : Then I started reading Hanadan and my friend made me listen to Arashi’s Wish but I did not know about MatsuJun acting in Hanadan.  It was much later when I watched Hanadan that I realised Wish was the theme song of the drama…

Up until this part, I have totally no idea who these people are.  I just thought that KimuTaku was a real good actor (plus he’s good looking), and that those 3 songs I mentioned were kinda cool.  I was just an avid anime fan until I watched the YamaNade anime and found out about the drama.

  • 2010 : It was when I watched YamaNade that I rediscovered KAT-TUN.  Then I started my j-dorama downloading spree.
  • 2010 : And from there on I found Arashi.  =D  Though I was only completely obsessed with them around February 2011 and when GANTZ started screening in Malaysia…  I was Nino-baited because he looks so hot in the GANTZ suit.  XD  I even went to watch the movie alone during my study break when I’m supposed to be studying…!
  • 2011 : And now, I am a proud Arashian fangirl who’s bias (after I got to know the 5 better) is Ohno Satoshi! <3<3<3  But I love all 5 of them.  Because without them, there would be no rainbow and sparkles and happiness in my life.  =D

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Maru and Koki is also in this year’s DB!!!  How I wish I can go watch!!! >.<  Watching Koki play the Champ again would be super duper awesome! <333

picture taken from : http://www.tohostage.com/dreamboys/

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I’M A 「-」!

I just finished watching the 1st and 2nd disc of KAT-TUN’s No More Pain World Tour 2010 DVD and in the end Koki said this :

Will you always be HYPHENs?
Then, I will always be in KAT-TUN.

OMG, he’s SO sweet!!!!

I’ll always stay as a HYPHEN Koki!!!!

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Happy 25th birthday Koki!!!!!  Always know that you are loved! ❤

Can’t wait to see what you have planned for your future activities!  I’m sure they must be awesome, just like you!

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