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I’ve been on a roll lately…

Been watching Aiba Masaki’s My Girl drama, AGAIN.

So I thought of making a ladybird pouch…


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Needed New Clothes

My leather camera pouch is completely destroyed by the environment and my poor camera needed a new change of clothes.

So I went to my stock of felt and decided on a colour to make a new pouch for it.

Red caught my eye, but a simple pouch is just too…simple…

What comes to mind when I think of red then?

Sorry Sho, it’s not you though red is your colour.

The first thought I had was Mario.

So I started drawing out a Mario design!

This is what happened…

Red on red would not look nice so I made a white circle for the Mario head just like it’s logo.

And this is how the finished product look like!

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My aunt came by to visit me lately and gave me an organiser from Public Bank.

I am in desperate need of an organiser but I am not very partial to the cover of the book.
So I thought I’d make a cover to conceal it.

I like neutral colours so I picked brown.
It also does not get too dirty easily.

The side stitches I used blue thread.

Inside I made a big pocket to keep other notes and cards, etc…

It’s just right for my bunny heart bookmark too.
Maybe I should exchange it for a fish bookmark, just like that brooch Oh-chan had for his fashion coordination during the first Mannequin 5 SP.

At the inside back of the cover, I made two small pockets.

Here’s how the finished product looks like on the outside.
I made 5 Arashi pins from their costume during the Scene 10-11 tour as decoration.
It’s amazing how everything that I do lately is Arashi related.
And I’m definitely not embarrassed to flaunt this organiser of mine nao!

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It’s finished! =D  Making Arashi related craft sure is fun!

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How did I celebrate this day when the perfect guy ever (for me at least) turned 31?


I spent the entire day at home…  ORZ

Sick and stuck in small town Kampar, there’s nothing much that I can do…

But at least I managed to make these :

Uta no Oniisan, tanned and untanned versions!  XD

At least it’s 3104-related.  Hehe…


And, mommy and daddy called today!

They told me to go back home next weekend so I’ll be looking forward to warm home cooked meals and my air-conditioned room and tons of attention from my parents! ❤

I can’t wait!  I’ve missed home so bad…

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I made the keychain awhile ago.

Was feeling slightly moody today so I decided to make another one but kinda got into a fix cuz I forgot to cut out shapes for both sides so I made it into a card instead.

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Made this to for a friend to cheer her up.  Somehow, it cheered me up as well…  =)

Hope she likes it…  >.<

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