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Dengeki Girl’s Style May 2010 :

This includes a small booklet about a new Hakuouki game, Hakuouki Reimeiroku, as well as a promotional set of clear plastic bookmarks of the characters!


Animedia May 2010 :

Includes a promotional clear file and an anime music sheet booklet!!!


I am currently terribly broke but EXTREMELY ecstatic!  *squeals*


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Kyaa!  I want this SO bad!  The figurines are super duper awesomely cute!  This would so cost a bomb but I WANT IT!  XD  Now to save up some cash and look harder for shops selling it.  List Price is 5,670 yen so I guess I would have to spend about RM200 or more for them…

Update : This item will be released on the 28th October 2010.  Click here for more info…

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Oh dear…  The guys from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan are absolutely drool-worthy…  I am in fact giggling myself silly just by looking at the OP and ED vids below.


Lyrics and translations to the OP [Izayoi Namida by Aika Yoshioka] and ED [Kimi no Kioku by Mao] songs can be found here.

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